Do your energy costs keep you up at night?

Congress Reconvenes After Midterm Elections

Insight for Industry – Energy Efficiency Improvement Act Will Reduce Energy Demand The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015, which President Obama signed into law on April 30, will add momentum to falling energy consumption per capita in the United States by reducing energy demand from commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, and homes. The relatively uncontroversial… Keep reading →

A worker puts on solar panels on Novembe

As part of the Administration’s effort to cut energy waste in the nation’s buildings, the Energy Department will acknowledge the city of Fort Worth today for its leadership in advancing energy efficiency. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, Fort Worth has achieved eight percent energy savings across 19 million square feet of public and private sector… Keep reading →

2011 US Open - Day 13

Breaking Energy featured the Top 10 New York Energy Entrepreneurs back in June as part of an extremely popular top 10 series that ran during New York Energy Week. The entrepreneurs were chosen by their energy industry peers via an open nomination process that returned a robust list of candidates. Whittling the impressive list of… Keep reading →

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Gives Annual State Of State Address

Gov. Cuomo’s announcement last Monday (June 30 , 2014) that 14 regional workforce development organizations have been chosen to deliver energy efficient training for the clean-energy industry reflects a new emphasis being placed on the clean energy industry. The proposed training initiative, partnered with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will… Keep reading →


To help you save money by saving energy, we launched #AskEnergySaver — an online series that gives you access to some of the Energy Department’s home energy efficiency experts. During 2014, experts from the Department and our National Labs will be answering your energy-saving questions and sharing their advice on ways to improve your home’s comfort. Summer… Keep reading →

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 2.37.20 PM

Wifi-enabled thermostats can deliver substantial efficiency benefits when they’re used, but the trick is expanding deployment to as many households as possible. Broadening the range of wifi thermostats that can link up to any utility’s demand response program could help to achieve that. Home thermostat technology has made evolutionary leaps and bounds, such as the… Keep reading →

General Views Of Dubai

Smart glass – glass that allows users to control for glare, light, and even heat – has the potential to help buildings use energy far more efficiently. According to a recent report by Navigant Research, the smart glass market is set to grow more than 10-fold in the next decade, to $899 million in 2022… Keep reading →

California Experiences Record Breaking Heat Wave

New York broke temperature and energy-use records in late July, and expectations that heat waves might become a more common feature of Eastern Seaboard summers are raising pressing questions about power grid stability, and how utilities can manage the load when demand peaks. There are both supply- and demand-side solutions to managing rising energy demand in… Keep reading →

London's FTSE 100 Index Falls

Reducing the impact of operations on the environment is a lofty goal for any business, but good citizenship is, in most cases, an insufficient motivation for sweeping changes at a company that must answer to its shareholders. What makes many sustainability efforts feasible for profit-driven companies is that by pursuing them – especially those that… Keep reading →

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