Sandy at night

As recently as 2002, no system in America could gather and share real-time emergency situation information on power and natural gas infrastructure — a weakness exposed by the widespread destruction by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. A team of Energy Department experts remedied this situation by developing a system to do just that, and are now being recognized for their work. They… Keep reading →

TPDC at Jupiter West, Fla. on Jan. 13, 2012. Tom Winter

June 1 marked the start of hurricane season, meaning that utilities and customers in vulnerable areas should be gearing up to manage power outages. Ways of improving the reliability of power generation include providing the utility with more information in less time, and creating generation systems that can operate totally independently of the grid. Updating… Keep reading →

See this comprehensive list of official NOAA Nat’l Weather Service Twitter feeds:  via @NSSL @usNWSgov @NOAA

Hurricanes often cause flooding & power outages. Here is how you can prepare for whatever #Sandy throws your way fema

Loved this story about a small public utility in Conn. The lights are on in Jewitt City. katerowland2

Electric utilities and nuclear power plants in the mid-Atlantic area braced for widespread power outages from Hurricane Irene which some warned could cause more power disruption than any previous storm.

“This could be the worst storm we have ever seen,” said Karen Muldoon Geus, a spokeswoman for PECO, which supplies power to 1.6 million residential and commercial power customers in five counties in and around Philadelphia where the storm is expected to hit late Saturday and into Sunday. Keep reading →