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For many years, the recipe for a successful and bankable investment in the power generation space called for one main ingredient; the long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The PPA was, and still is in many cases, the primary factor determining the bankability and feasibility of a project. However, in most of the deregulated US power… Keep reading →

Croupiers Hone Their Skills At Casino School

There is abundant speculation about how much further oil prices might fall and when US oil production growth will begin to decline. The consensus among analysts and investors is that oil prices are likely to reverse course and start trending upward sometime later this year or next. With US land-based rig counts trending down over… Keep reading →

Oil Prices Fall To Lowest Level In Four Months

Many large US oil producers have oil price hedges in place through the beginning of 2015 or for the entire year that are helping blunt the impact of lower oil prices. Some companies may be able to cash in on well positioned hedges and use the funds to purchase new positions that can help weather… Keep reading →

IntercontinentalExchange Purchases The New York Stock Exchange For Over 8 Billion

As Wall Street retreats from the energy trading business new players like major oil companies, utilities and other corporate enterprises are taking large chunks of the energy derivative and price hedging market. “With Wall Street hamstrung by growing regulatory restrictions, a recently finalized ban on proprietary trading and increased capital requirements, these corporate behemoths are… Keep reading →

Price Of Oil Rises As Iran Possibly Halts Exports To Some EU Countries

Smaller oil and gas producers have been major drivers of the US shale boom, and hedging has been critical to financing their operations. But rising production is driving more hedging activity as that market is becoming less liquid, which could mean higher hedging costs for some producers. “There’s a reason the shale and tight oil… Keep reading →

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Barclays is forecasting a long-term US natural gas price of $4.75 per million Btu, asserting that the $4.50-$5.00/MMBtu range is the golden mean that can both drive demand growth and ensure sufficient supply. “Natural gas prices at $4.50-5.00/MMBtu are high enough to motivate sufficient gas drilling to meet projected demand in the long run: a… Keep reading →