Grid Storage

General Images Of Electric Vehicle Recharging And Battery Changing Station In Beijing

Japanese giant could help startup compete with Stem, Tesla, others in burgeoning energy storage market.  GTM Research predicts that behind-the-meter batteries could expand to make up nearly half of the rapidly growing U.S. energy storage market by decade’s end — and there’s also great potential for international growth in solar-rich and energy-constrained countries like Germany… Keep reading →

New Zealand v Sri Lanka - 2nd Test: Day 4

Reactions to the FAA’s proposed rules for the Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems have been mixed since their release on February 15, 2015.


Successful integration of ever-growing amounts of renewable energy into electric grids has been a constant quest for utilities over at least the past few years. Dr. McGrath outlines today’s challenges in renewables integration, the contributing factors utilities are or should consider in their planning, and a selection of available solutions. While her article is far… Keep reading →


“This is an open door for the storage industry to play if they are able to match the value and economics of a peaker.”  A groundbreaking agreement between Arizona Public Service (APS) and Arizona’s ratepayer advocate could create a surge of new storage deployment in the state over the next seven years. Late last week,… Keep reading →

General Images Of Electric Vehicle Recharging And Battery Changing Station In Beijing

Montana startup turns a chemistry’s weakness to the grid’s advantage  For years, battery technology startups and researchers have been striving to create a rechargeable, grid-scale energy storage system using zinc, one of the world’s cheapest and most plentiful metals. Zinc-based batteries tend to break down after just hundreds of charge-discharge cycles, however — and coming up… Keep reading →

US Republican Representative Peter King

The US Senate introduced the STORAGE 2013 Act in early April 2013 as a follow-up to the STORAGE 2011 Act. The proposed act offers a 20% investment tax credit for grid-tied systems up to $40 million per project along with a 30% investment tax credit for on-site systems up to $ 1 million per project. Notably,… Keep reading →