Green Mountain Power

German Electricity Grid Insufficient For New Energy Needs

Note: This blog was originally published August 15, 2014. Earlier this week, I joined Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, the CEOs of Green Mountain Power and Dynapower, and Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras for the groundbreaking of a major innovative project in Rutland, Vermont. OE is partnering with the State of Vermont Public Service, Green Mountain Power,… Keep reading →

Despite the fact that the DOE has told SolarCity it will not be able to close a planned September 30 loan guarantee, blaming increased paperwork from the Congressional investigation into the Solyndra scandal, the DOE Loan Program is moving ahead with wind development guarantees, claiming they will revitalize the economy.

The most recent investment includes a $168.9 million partial loan guarantee to Granite Reliable Power for a 99 MW wind farm in Coos Country, New Hampshire. The project will add 200 jobs to the economy, the DOE statement claimed. Keep reading →