Great Shift Change

China Plans New Energy Strategy

China’s race to meet rapidly rising energy demand is driving a scramble to find experienced talent to staff its booming energy sector. China is among the world’s top ten producers of oil and gas, and is the world’s largest coal producer, according to BP’s latest Statistical Review of World Energy. And an Energy Information Administration… Keep reading →

Reaction In Kuala Lumpur As Air Malaysia Plane Crashes In Eastern Ukraine

It appears confirmed that a Russian surface-to-air missile fired by Ukrainian separatists loyal to the Kremlin took down a Malaysian passenger jet over Eastern Ukraine yesterday. If it is in fact confirmed the Putin regime supplied the weapon, “there will be serious diplomatic consequences,” Kenneth Yalowitz, a retired senior US diplomat who served several tours… Keep reading →

Offshore Drilling Could Return To California If Lawmakers Approve Budget

At Hercules Offshore, our goal is to be the preferred offshore drilling and liftboat company for all stakeholders including potential employees. We have the highest quality workforce in the industry to pursue new opportunities, expand our global footprint, and find better ways of working together – building success. While Houston, Texas is our headquarters, we… Keep reading →

Gulf Coast Still Reeling From Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina

Since the “war for talent” was first declared in the 1990’s, organizations the world over have been attempting to gain a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining top talent. From a plethora of models defining potential, through to complex supply and demand models, no stone has been unturned in the effort to triumph in this… Keep reading →