Gov. Greg Abbott

General view of an oil refinery

As the hot summer approached, Texas leaders expressed concern about potential blackouts and brownouts. Yet, thoughtful planning, a functional electricity market and clean energy helped ensure the lights stayed on. Power outage concerns Hotter temperatures and continued population and commercial growth drove record electricity demand this past summer. Additionally, in early 2018, Luminant (now Vistra)… Keep reading →

Energy Newsletter – September 2018

Prices Help Drive Increase of Midwest Oil Exploration

A Texas Federal Judge Turns Up the Heat on Oil Companies Facing Climate Change-Related Securities Class Actions

Texas Gulf Coast Prepares For Hurricane Ike

This time a year ago, Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast were reeling from Hurricane Harvey, a monster storm that came ashore twice in less than a week, causing death and an estimated $125 billion in damage while inundating some parts of Texas with more than 60 inches of rain – a record for a U.S. weather event. The… Keep reading →

BP Attempts "Static Kill" To Permanently Plug Damaged Oil Well

As shut down notices continue to roll in, it appears that the level of damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey to oil and gas infrastructure along the Gulf Coast may vary significantly by asset class in the final analysis.