Beijing Enveloped In Heavy Smog

Several countries have announced their intention to ban the sale of internal combustion-powered cars in the coming years.

German Summit On Electric Mobility

SAN DIEGO –  The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and General Motors Co. (GM) today crowned The Ohio State University this year’s winner of the EcoCAR 3 – Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition during an awards ceremony at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. This is the second stage of an ongoing 4-year competition that… Keep reading →

Turning Up The Heat On Energy Efficiency


I was already level with the roof on a ladder when my General Motors supervisor pointed out the irony of my situation. As an Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps fellow, I was destroying the homes of the young maple tree seedlings trying to grow in the rain gutter of a Detroit home. I’m all for trees, but not when… Keep reading →


Speaking this morning at the American Energy and Manufacturing Competiveness Summit in Washington DC, US Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz extolled the numerous benefits precipitating from the country’s newfound energy wealth. One of the main messages he drove home to the audience is that increasing energy production along with energy efficiency growth are positively… Keep reading →


America is reinventing its auto industry, making vehicles that can go farther on a gallon of fuel and saving consumers money at the pump. Through investments in advanced vehicle technologies, the Energy Department is positioning the United States to lead in the global auto market instead of chasing to keep up. Follow along on… Keep reading →


Call it the Tesla Truck, the Tesla Pickup Truck, or the Tesla-150, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made it clear that the electric carmaker plans to make a pickup truck. In fact, he couldn’t be clearer: he plans to make something to compete with the best-selling light-duty vehicle on American roads: the Ford F-150.… Keep reading →


You may have recently seen TV commercials in the US for new fuel-efficient diesel engines offered by several manufacturers. While European drivers have enjoyed the exceptional fuel efficiency modern diesel engines provide, the technology is becoming more widespread in the US market, and today GM announced its 2016 Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup will come with… Keep reading →

Yukos Oil and Gas Company

Rosneft and CNPC signed a memorandum of understanding covering joint development of Eastern Siberian oil and gas resources. The Kremlin has been reluctant to supply its increasingly powerful neighbor for years and the two sides have continuously haggled over natural gas prices, but as Europe increasingly seeks to reduce its Russian energy reliance and large… Keep reading →

San Francisco Takes Delivery Of Two Fuel Cell Cars

  The race to develop fuel cell vehicles for what automakers hope will be an interested consumer audience has mildly been heating up of late. Hyundai, for example, has been for the most part at the forefront as some of its production ready vehicles are now in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark to be used there in a municipal fleet. Now… Keep reading →

GM’s recent decision to suspend production of its Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid may either be the latest indication that America isn’t ready for electric vehicles, or a distraction along the road to growing public acceptance of a new kind of automobile.

Partisans on both sides of the EV debate are adamant in their interpretation of the latest hiatus in output of the vehicle that is vilified by some as too expensive and impractical to ever be more than a plaything of well-heeled tree-huggers, while being praised by others as an early but hopeful step toward a post-gasoline transportation economy. Keep reading →

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