Global Oil Markets

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

A large West Virginia underground coal mine owned by Murray Energy is halting production for nearly two weeks, and the rest of the company’s mines are running on part-time schedules due to reduced demand from electric utilities. [ABC] The CEO of the company behind the popular 5-hour Energy drink is spearheading an ambitious project to… Keep reading →

Houston Scenics

Here is a pretty crazy sequence of events that just went down in the Houston legal market.

Restructuring Oil And Gas Partnership Debt? Tax Planning Is Key

Texas Oil Companies Work To Adapt To Falling Oil Prices

Tax partnerships, including MLPs, seeking to restructure debt face peril and possibility during challenging times.

Gasoline Prices Spike As Crude Oil Prices Surge

The UAE energy minister refused Wednesday to discuss a proposed cap to crude oil production agreed to by four oil-producing countries the day before, raising new questions about the proposal aimed at stabilizing global prices. [ABC] In a meeting with external experts, NATO ministers discussed global energy developments and their security implications. [NATO Press Release]… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

A blowout at a natural gas well that gushed uncontrollably for 16 weeks and drove thousands of residents from their Los Angeles homes was plugged on Thursday, a utility said. [The Guardian] Environmentalists are challenging in court a surprise deal in which North Carolina regulators settle decades of suspected groundwater pollution at Duke Energy’s coal… Keep reading →

The Oil Bust…Bankruptcy Boom?

Markets Surge Into Positive Gains For Year

Although the news is filled with stories of falling oil and gas prices and suggestions that a third of the exploration and production companies may file for bankruptcy, this most recent downturn may not produce the bankruptcy filing boom many anticipate.

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

Chesapeake Energy, the second-largest natural gas producer in the United States, plunged as much as 50 percent on Monday after multiple reports that it had hired restructuring attorneys. [CNBC] David Cameron is making an enormous “legacy mistake” by going all-out for fracking in the UK, the actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo has warned. [The… Keep reading →

Oil Prices Continue To Rise With Demand

Royal Dutch Shell shares rose after it confirmed it would cut 10,000 jobs and a sharp fall in annual profits. [BBC News] According to new data just released in the 2016 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook — a project of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the shift from coal to clean energy may be occurring earlier… Keep reading →

The sun sets behind two under constructi

On December 31, 2014, when the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil dropped 50% from summer prices that year to just under $55.00 per barrel, experts predicted there would be a flurry of industry restructurings.

Markets Stabilise After Turbulence Last Week

Morgan Creek Capital Management chief Mark Yusko said Monday he’s on the same page with Carl Icahn when the billionaire investor says there’s danger ahead in credit markets due to falling oil prices. [CNBC] The industrial giant General Electric is saying farewell to the compact fluorescent light, or CFL prompting a full transition to LED… Keep reading →

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