Crown Prince Naruhito Visits Renesas Technology Corp

The year 2013 marked a new era for sustainable energy and cleantech. Innovative sustainable technologies have started to mature and are getting closer to mainstream acceptance. Growing pains are over for many of these technologies and they can now simultaneously reduce cost and the energy intensity of products and production processes, while also improving the… Keep reading →

GlassPoint PDO 16

Integrating renewables into the oil and gas industry has become more common especially as the industry turns to production from heavy crude. Outside of the United States, natural gas is not cheap and abundant and so the oil industry’s reliance on power generated from natural gas places limitation on growth. GlassPoint, a company with solar… Keep reading →

GlassPoint Oman

A GlassPoint project in Oman that uses solar energy to get more oil out of the ground has come online on schedule and on budget, brightening the outlook for the technology’s broader use in the Middle East. Oman’s state-controlled oil company, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), awarded GlassPoint a contract to build a seven megawatt (MW)… Keep reading →