Geopolitical Developments


Prior to Apple taking the developed world with its innovative products by storm and critically shaping the digital age as we now know it, computer users often used to defrag(ment) their hard drives manually. Basically, the process of ‘defragmentation’ meant to reduce the amount of fragmentation within a system for maintenance purposes “by physically organizing… Keep reading →

Prime Minister David Cameron Tries To Take A Harder Line with Europe

The EU executive is to unveil radical and ambitious plans on Wednesday to establish a single European market in an attempt to weaken the Kremlin’s grip on Europe’s gas supplies. “The far-reaching scheme would also strengthen the power of Brussels against national energy regulators; boost consumer choice transnationally when buying electricity services; generate a bonanza… Keep reading →

Stocks Continue Two Day Slide Downward After Federal Reserve Comments

U.S. stocks were down on Monday following concerns from investors about Greek debt negotiations and unsatisfactory Chinese economic data on top of uncertainty about U.S. interest rates. “After the market’s strong week last week, nine out of ten S&P sectors finished down Monday, with healthcare and utilities the worst performers. Only energy finished up slightly,… Keep reading →