General Motors

German Summit On Electric Mobility

Electric vehicles are poised to take off. We’ve just closed a year of record demand and investment. It’s no longer a question of whether electric vehicles – or EVs – will arrive, it’s how: How big of a role will EVs play, how soon and how clean will they be? Popularizing EVs will depend on… Keep reading →

Electric Vehicles Enter The Here And Now

German Summit On Electric Mobility

The high level of confidence that automotive industry leaders have in the future of electric vehicles (EV’s) has been on full display recently. In just the past few weeks: Tesla’s Model 3 started to roll off the assembly line Daimler announced a $740 million investment to produce EV batteries in China Cummins noted it would have a fully electric… Keep reading →

EcoCAR 3: Year 1 Finals Power Up University Teams


Imagine a high-powered sports car with loads of performance and speed that’s also one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road. The 16 North American university teams participating in the EcoCAR 3 Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition are in the process of making this dream a reality. Sponsored by the Energy Department and General Motors,… Keep reading →

gm fort wayne landfill gas

Republicans have been pummeling President Barack Obama for waging what they call a “war on coal,” but you’ve got to wonder how politically useful that tactic is when one of the nation’s biggest corporations is suggesting that it wants nothing to do with comparatively dirty fuel. General Motors this week put out a press release boasting… Keep reading →


March is Women’s History month. At we are highlighting the great contributions to science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM fields made by women throughout history, as well as highlighting the important work that women are doing in STEM fields today. Pam Fletcher is the executive chief engineer for electric vehicles at General Motors,… Keep reading →

San Francisco Mayor Lee Makes Green Taxi Announcement

Green History Without fanfare or an exact date, a collective automotive epiphany took place a decade ago. Nearly every major carmaker was in on it, except for Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer had its own environmental awakening 17 years ago when it introduced its first hybrid car. Toyota unveiled its gas-electric engine in Japan in 1997,… Keep reading →

Bay Area Plans Major Expansion Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Last month, Cadillac released an ad for their Cadillac ELR, a new 2014 plug in model. A local Detroit compost company, Detroit Dirt, along with Ford released an ad last Wednesday for the Ford C-max Energy, another plug-in model. The video mirrors the Cadillac ad with a slightly different message: This response from Ford… Keep reading →


You may have recently seen TV commercials in the US for new fuel-efficient diesel engines offered by several manufacturers. While European drivers have enjoyed the exceptional fuel efficiency modern diesel engines provide, the technology is becoming more widespread in the US market, and today GM announced its 2016 Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup will come with… Keep reading →

Tesla’s Rise

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger And Tesla Motors Make Announcement

Imitation the highest form of flattery Being big, as everyone knows, does not necessarily equate to being profitable or valuable. Yet, the valuation that investors place on companies, as measured in market capitalization – number of outstanding shares times price per share – is sometimes short of stunning, especially for start-up companies few have even… Keep reading →

Much like microwaves and satellites, the US military could serve as an incubator for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology, helping it advance to a point where it can stand on its own in the global marketplace. In one of the latest examples of the private sector collaborating with the military on new technologies, General Motors and the U.S. Army, Pacific recently launched a 16 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fleet in Hawaii.

The US Army views this as a worthwhile investment because its desire to reduce fossil fuel reliance, which can be a security concern. The contract is for a fleet of administrative vehicles that will be driven on base and around Oahu. Keep reading →

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