Oil frack something

As you well know, oil is so cheap you can light it on fire. If we strike a deal with Iran, it’s going to get even cheaper. If prices remain this low, we’ll be able to submerge Florida in no time. That said, God isn’t making any more of this stuff. Or at least it’s… Keep reading →

An tanker is docked on June 05, 2010 off

One of three Chinese state-owned oil majors, Sinopec Group, is interested in investing in the US liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector. Jack Yu, managing director of Sinopec D.C., which handles government relations with the US, said last week that Sinopec wants to make minority investments in US shale oil and gas projects as China seeks… Keep reading →

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

Controversy is brewing as utilities consider “repowering” old coal-fired power plants across the US with natural gas. Several environmental groups initiated lawsuits to stop these plants from converting from coal to gas. Environmentalists want to shut the plants and replace the power they generate with renewables. Utilities argue this is not always possible, particularly in… Keep reading →

Louisiana Oil Industry Recovers From Katrina Devastation

The US oil and gas industry has seen tremendous growth over the past several years, following a period of low oil prices and declining production. And job growth in the sector reflects a robust and growing need to both replace retiring workers and fill new positions. Forbes’ latest rankings of the 15 most valuable college… Keep reading →

California Gov. Brown Holds Press Conf. On Expansion Of Electric Vehicle Market

The Washington Post had an interesting article last week on a letter sent by 18 environmental groups to the White House.  Interesting because it shows the extreme disconnect between their acknowledgement of reality and their demands.  First the reality, from their letter: “We understand that the U.S. cannot immediately end its use of fossil fuels and we… Keep reading →

Jousting Knights Re-enact Medieval Scenes

In the debate over hydraulic fracturing – as in most debates – the most extreme views do not offer the most viable solutions. But while the oil and gas industry has, by and large, acknowledged that there are risks associated with fracking that must be managed, there are still many in the anti-fracking camp who… Keep reading →

Surging Oil Industry Brings Opportunity To Rural California

Oil and gas company valuations are based, in part, on their reserves – volumes of oil or gas yet to be developed from assets in their possession. But the International Energy Agency has said that to avoid catastrophic climate change, a third of global fossil fuel reserves must be off-limits until 2050. And if governments… Keep reading →

High Oil Prices Continue To Drive Gas Prices Steadily Upwards

The US oil and gas industry has long focused on rig count as a critical component of activity level assessments and production forecasts. But as the Energy Information Administration’s first Drilling Productivity Report shows clearly, in major plays like the Bakken and Eagle Ford, new well production per rig has been rising even as rig… Keep reading →

Economic And Environmental Impact Of Gulf Oil Spill Deepens

BP and the US federal government are at odds over how much oil was actually spilled into the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the Deepwater Horizon incident in 2010: BP says 2.45 million barrels, the US government says 4.2 MM bbl. “Clean Water Act fines…range from a maximum of $1,100 for every barrel… Keep reading →

Hot Weather Puts California Power Grid On Alert

If you don’t know what’s on your network at all times — if you can’t control what gets on — you put that network and the assets behind it at risk. That is true in any industry, but nowhere are the stakes higher than in critical infrastructure — the electric grid, oil and gas pipelines,… Keep reading →

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