FuelCell Energy

Fuel Cell

When deciding how to meet the power and thermal energy needs of commercial and industrial facilities, executives must consider a range of priorities including cost, safety, reliability, and environmental stewardship. While on-site power and heat generation is often considered because of the potential for enhanced reliability and energy savings, typical equipment for on-site generation can… Keep reading →

Fuel cells’ prospects of becoming a significant energy source are growing as costs decline and technology advances, helping the two leading players in the US industry, FuelCell Energy, and Bloom Energy.

In a signal of growing confidence in the full cell business, Bloom Energy is the subject of speculation that it will go public this year, said Sam Jaffe, research manager at IDC Energy Insights. Keep reading →

A technology that can provide reliable power with low emissions in congested areas without the need for costly transmission sounds like the wave of the future, and it will be if FuelCell Energy gets its way.

For now, neither the company nor the technology are profitable or widespread enough to be a major part of the US energy mix. Keep reading →