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State-controlled Saudi Aramco adjusted its official crude oil selling prices in response to changing oil market dynamics. The company left Arab Light prices unchanged for Asian customers, while it increased prices for destinations in Europe and the US where demand appears to be picking up. The summer cooling season in Saudi Arabia is expected to… Keep reading →

Ford Dearborn Truck Plant Builds New 2014 F-150 Trucks

The recent slide in oil prices—yielding sub-$3 a gallon gas nationally—won’t deter drivers from what they want most from their vehicles: fuel economy, Ford Motor CEO Mark Fields told CNBC Tuesday. He appeared on “Squawk Box” as the first new, lighter aluminum F-Series pickups were rolling off the assembly line at the Ford Rouge Center in Dearborn, Michigan,… Keep reading →


Speaking this morning at the American Energy and Manufacturing Competiveness Summit in Washington DC, US Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz extolled the numerous benefits precipitating from the country’s newfound energy wealth. One of the main messages he drove home to the audience is that increasing energy production along with energy efficiency growth are positively… Keep reading →

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America is reinventing its auto industry, making vehicles that can go farther on a gallon of fuel and saving consumers money at the pump. Through investments in advanced vehicle technologies, the Energy Department is positioning the United States to lead in the global auto market instead of chasing to keep up. Follow along on… Keep reading →


Call it the Tesla Truck, the Tesla Pickup Truck, or the Tesla-150, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made it clear that the electric carmaker plans to make a pickup truck. In fact, he couldn’t be clearer: he plans to make something to compete with the best-selling light-duty vehicle on American roads: the Ford F-150.… Keep reading →

San Francisco Mayor Lee Makes Green Taxi Announcement

Green History Without fanfare or an exact date, a collective automotive epiphany took place a decade ago. Nearly every major carmaker was in on it, except for Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer had its own environmental awakening 17 years ago when it introduced its first hybrid car. Toyota unveiled its gas-electric engine in Japan in 1997,… Keep reading →

Bay Area Plans Major Expansion Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Last month, Cadillac released an ad for their Cadillac ELR, a new 2014 plug in model. A local Detroit compost company, Detroit Dirt, along with Ford released an ad last Wednesday for the Ford C-max Energy, another plug-in model. The video mirrors the Cadillac ad with a slightly different message: This response from Ford… Keep reading →


With electric vehicle sales on the rise, many auto makers are looking for the next advance in the technology. The electric vehicle removes dependence on gasoline but the concept car announced by Ford last week removes the vehicle’s dependence on anything but the sun. The C-MAX Solar Energi concept car is a solar-powered hybrid vehicle that… Keep reading →

Pick-Up Trucks Drive Ford Sales Up 12 Percent In August

A good deal of talk about fuel efficiency of late has focused on alternative fuel engine technologies, and new fuel efficiency standards will require that auto manufacturers use innovative technology to increase fuel efficiency across their models. Ford has recently announced that sales of its F-150 EcoBoost trucks have surpassed 400,000 since the model’s roll-out… Keep reading →

Ford Motor Co. Announces Quarterly Earnings

Ford is going to offer a natural gas option for its 2014 F-150 truck. “‘We may look back on this launch as when natural gas really became a mass-market fuel for retail customers as well as fleet customers,’ said Jon Coleman, sustainability and technology manager for Ford.” [Fuel Fix] Ineos Bio, Indian River BioEnergy Center… Keep reading →

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