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Pacific Earthquake Leads To NZ Tsunami Warning

A U.S.-backed effort in Florida to explore the energy-producing potential of ocean currents has reeled in a private player – the Swedish startup Minesto, which uses a winged, turbine-tipped device that gathers energy by darting around underwater, kite-like, in a figure-eight pattern. Is there any real hope for it? There might be – but it… Keep reading →

U.S. electric power plants, oil refineries and natural gas installations are at increased risk from flooding as a result of rising sea levels in coming decades, according to a new report from the climate research group Climate Central.

In a report presented to Congress on April 19, the research group identified 287 energy facilities in 22 coastal states that are located less than four feet above the high-tide line where flooding becomes increasingly likely with global sea-level rise. Keep reading →