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Renewable Energy Update – July 2015 #2

New Combined Electricity Project Connect Spain and France


Landmark Solar YieldCo between First Solar and SunPower from Shutterstock. Vertically integrated solar developer superpowers and competitors First Solar and SunPower are partnering on a solar project YieldCo. This somewhat surprising announcement from the rival firms comes after several quarters of reluctance (or patience) in entering a YieldCo structure — either individually or jointly. The market… Keep reading →

Black Friday Shopping Begins On Thanksgiving Evening

Apple, Inc has finalized an historic $850 million agreement to purchase solar power from First Solar, the largest solar developer in the United States. “The deal will supply enough electricity to power all of Apple’s California stores, offices, headquarters and a data center, Cook said Tuesday at the Goldman Sachs technology conference in San Francisco.… Keep reading →

Aleo Produces Solar Panels

In a way, it’s new: A U.S.-based company is among those charged with dumping solar products (instead of doing the charging). But India’s move toward imposing duties on First Solar and more than 20 other solar companies that sell products in the country is really just the latest dose of uncertainty added to the solar… Keep reading →

Temperatures Plunge In Moscow

Russian gas independent Novatek and Gazprom oil-producing arm Gazpromneft have agreed to a $2.94bln deal to buy Italian Eni‘s stake in SeverEnergia, which is expected to produce 36 billion cubic meters of gas and liquids by 2017, equivalent to two-thirds of Novatek’s production, according to Reuters. A joint venture of Eni and Italian Enel has a 49% stake in SeverEnergia, of which Eni controls 60%. Investment… Keep reading →

Aerial Views Of Solar Power Plant In Peiting

Suntech for Sale Suntech Power, once the world’s largest solar panel builder, is bankrupt (or the Chinese equivalent) and receiving bids for its main manufacturing unit, according to reports in the Financial Times. Suntech owes a total of $2.3 billion to a number of Chinese banks. The bidders are: Shunfeng Photovoltaic, an acquisitive solar cell maker, which looks… Keep reading →

Worthy Farm To Install UK's Largest Private Solar Panel System

Various products have hit the market to try to overcome a major hurdle to solar financing and securitization –  a lack of standardized metrics to provide a measuring stick against which financial institutions can quickly and easily assess solar projects. These include Mercatus’ solar project scoring system and Sol Systems’ SolMarket. Both of these seek… Keep reading →

Interior Sec. Sally Jewell And Sen. Reid Announce Plans For Nat'l Clean Energy Summit

Arguments about expensive, exotic renewables are dated If you are among those who still believes that renewables are exotic, expensive, unreliable, intermittent or whatever, you may be fighting a losing battle. With each passing day, renewables are gaining ground, and their shortcomings, most notably intermittency, diffused energy source and low capacity factor, are getting compensated in ingenious ways.… Keep reading →


By Anna Andrianova Select solar stocks have been on a tear lately. SunPower, First Solar and Elon Musk’s SolarCity have had increases of between 60 percent and over 100 percent year-to-date. So for those of you who think you’ve missed the solar run-up or are searching for a new entry point into the solar space—consider solar crowdfunding. Sites such as… Keep reading →

Two Large Solar Prominences Erupt On Sun

Investors are abandoning the solar manufacturing sector, but the solar game is far from over, according to one analyst. “There will be a resurgence” of solar after a manufacturing shakeout, Jason Channell, director of investment research and analysis at Citigroup, told CNBC. But “we think the next boom is coming from the storage area,” he… Keep reading →

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