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Illinois Governor Appoints Special Task Force To Review Energy Infrastructure

Owners of large infrastructure projects naturally try to off-load as much of the risk of the project as possible, but that also can significantly add to the overall costs. As an alternative, owners should examine ways to lower their costs by accepting some level of reasonable risk and working with high-quality EPC contractors. Project owners… Keep reading →

Demonstrators Gather in Brisbane Ahead of the G20 Leaders Summit

Many people believe fossil fuels cause climate change. The science of that issue is not settled and, as an economist, I am not qualified to address multi-decade climatology. However, for those who believe public policy should address the matter, the strategy of attacking fossil fuel companies is profoundly wrong. As a part of the campaign,… Keep reading →

Surging Oil Industry Brings Opportunity To Rural California

What started as a trickle has grown into a stream, and by most accounts, is likely to turn into a flood. We are, of course, talking about fossil fuel divestments as an increasing number of investors and fund managers are pledging to cleanse their portfolios of dirty assets – whatever that means. It started with… Keep reading →