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Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

2015 was a rough year for the oil and gas industry.

Stocks Continue Two Day Slide Downward After Federal Reserve Comments

The stock market closed with another record figure on Thursday as rising oil prices bolstered energy stocks.”Best Buy was among the biggest gainers after reporting earnings that exceeded the expectations of Wall Street analysts. Lumber Liquidators, a specialty retailer of hardwood flooring, plunged after its CEO abruptly quit the company. Stocks are trading at record levels,… Keep reading →

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A new University of Michigan study has revealed that the average American consumer factors personal concern, primarily income, into their attitudes about energy. “Americans are just as concerned about energy’s impact on the environment as they are about its affordability, according to first-year results of the University of Michigan Energy Survey. Consumers also express much… Keep reading →

General Views of Agra In India

India’s fuel subsidies are forcing domestic oil marketing companies to sell fuel below cost, costing three domestic retailers $76.6 million per day. “India imports more than 80% of the crude oil it requires, and with the rupee falling and crude prices rising, the cost of subsidized fuel is now threatening India’s efforts to rein in trade and… Keep reading →

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been committed to solar and wind projects in recent weeks, and while the end of the year often brings with it a spate of deals to avoid upcoming changes in tax policy, this time the money is coming from a new and different source.

The rush of dealmaking in the final weeks of 2011 has been striking after a relatively slow year in fundraising for energy deals of any kind, but even more surprising have been the players: private equity firms and hedge funds. Keep reading →