Google Developers Event Held In San Francisco

“You’d think the thrill might wear off this whole renewable energy investing thing after a while. Nope—we’re still as into it as ever.” This week, Google announced an $80 million equity investment in six solar photovoltaic projects being developed by Recurrent Energy in Arizona and California. The deal marks the company’s 14th investment since it started eyeing project-level… Keep reading →

US President Barack Obama tours the General Electric Plant with GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt (L) and plant manager Kevin Sharkey January 21, 2011 in Schenectady, New York.

General Electric recently announced $1.2bn orders for its new FlexEfficiency 60 turbine, which the company claims is a step change for the industry in its ability to supply both baseload power and ramp quickly to smooth intermittent loads from solar and wind. Keep reading →

Energy markets are becoming increasingly international as companies in developed economies look overseas for potential innovation testing beds. Meanwhile, up and coming countries may be vying just as much for the valuable opportunities to leverage technology and jobs investment from abroad.

With 8% economic growth in 2010 alone, and double digit growth in the first half of 2011–much of it in the manufacturing sector–Turkey’s electrical grid is stretched thin, members of the US Embassy in Turkey’s commercial service division told AOL Energy. To meet the projected 6-8% future increase in electricity demand, the Turkish government is planning to install smart grid projects and partner that with 30% clean generation capacity by 2023, said the embassy’s Energy Business Leader Serdar Cetinkaya. Keep reading →