Statewide Drought Forces Californians To Take Drastic Measures For Water Conversation

The United States EPA and the United States Army Corps of Engineers are proposing to redefine—and significantly limit—the scope of “Waters of the United States”

California Adopts Sweeping Plan To Combat Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Before getting into a new report showing an uptick in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions last year, let’s make sure we keep an eye on the big picture as it concerns U.S. CO2. These points: U.S. CO2 emissions have fallen to their lowest level in a generation – even as global emissions have risen 50 percent since 1990. The… Keep reading →

Men working oil

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Fossil Energy has announced up to $88 million in federal funding for cost-shared research and development projects enhancing technologies for oil and natural gas recovery under two separate funding opportunity announcements (FOAs). The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) will manage the projects selected under both… Keep reading →

Congress Struggles With Funding Repairs To U.S. Capitol Dome

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) wrote a letter to President Donald Trump requesting that, in 2019, any infrastructure package to be considered include a focus on the clean energy economy to address climate change

Congress Struggles With Funding Repairs To U.S. Capitol Dome

A government shutdown is looming once again

Santa Ana Winds Stoke Wildfires In Southern California

The Environmental Protection Agency and the outgoing Martinez administration in New Mexico have produced a draft white paper and solicited comments on potential ways to reuse or manage the growing volume of wastewater produced by the state’s oil and gas industry. While the paper is a helpful outline of current produced water policy, New Mexico decision-makers should… Keep reading →


2018 has been a year of unprecedented and escalating cyber-related threats generally, such has certainly been the case with respect to attacks on the nation’s domestic energy facilities

Currents: Energy Industry Insights December 2018 #2

Water Sources Cities Of Beijing Stepped Up Water Protection

According to EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler, the purpose of this proposed rule is to restore balance between federal and state regulation of the nation’s waterways

U.S. Government Releases Over $5 Billion In Aid For Home Heating Bills

As debates continue over the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and its ethanol mandates, let’s remember that when the RFS was enacted more than a decade ago it was supposed to jumpstart a commercially viable cellulosic ethanol industry – ethanol made from the leaves, stems and other fibrous parts of a plant. This has not happened. Far… Keep reading →

Renewable Energy Update: December 2018 #2

Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

Technology investments will help the wind industry add more than 680 gigawatts of capacity worldwide in the next decade

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