Wingsuit - New York

Cities have taken an active role in promoting entrepreneurship through incubators and other programs, with New York City even more active than most. New York Energy Week itself is to some degree a child of the NYU-Poly incubator called NYC ACRE in downtown New York where the event series’ creators – EnerKnol – are located.… Keep reading →

Germany Seeks Permanent Nuclear Waste Storage Site

The annual MIT Venture Capital conference is a summit where VCs from Menlo Park to Boston come together and present their views on the next hottest startup investments to eager MBA students, entrepreneurs, and fellow investors. As global leaders in engineering and technology, it’s no surprise that MIT has always been a pillar for energy industry development,… Keep reading →

After a stint at McKinsey, Harvard graduate Jonathan Doochin found himself in Washington DC. Noticing the abundant government offerings for renewables, he decided to co-found an energy subsidiary for his employer Clark Realty Capital, called Clark Energy Group, which successfully won a $5 billion dollar IDIQ government contract for government retrofits and renewables development.

He quickly realized that federal and state incentives for renewables development were lucrative business opportunities. During business school, Doochin worked for the Department of Energy and realized that scattered information on incentives left most people in the dark about how and what they could access. His dream was to make all the documents and forms machine-readable so that they could be plugged into a computer model and easily searchable. Keep reading →