Engine Technology

Central Utah Anchors State's Coal Mining Industry

If addressing climate change is as urgent as most evidence suggests then carbon capture and storage needs to be part of the solution. This is the thrust of a new book on the subject and a new animation helps depict global climate change in a manner that most people can grasp. “With an eye on… Keep reading →

luxury fuel

Many people love the smell of gasoline, but carcinogenic benzene flavors those aromatic vapors. What if instead of harmful toxins you could fill up your Ferrari or Lamborghini with a “green” fuel that smelled like a manly cologne? That’s exactly what some Dutch researchers are working on, with an eye toward supplying the luxury car… Keep reading →

Ford Launches Fifth Plug-In Hybrid Car At Michigan Plant

DOE has announced improvements to its Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan program to clarify eligibility criteria and increase responsiveness to applicants. On April 2, 2014, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced improvements to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan Program at the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) Legislative Summit.  The… Keep reading →

Farmland Tapped For Oil In The Midwest

With winter grudgingly giving way to spring, the guess here is discussion of the flawed Renewable Fuel Standard’s ethanol mandates, higher ethanol-blend fuels like E15 and the “blend wall” will rekindle debate in Congress. Lawmakers must act, because while EPA has proposed lowering ethanol-mandate levels from 2013, the rule still isn’t final (it was due at the end of November last year) and… Keep reading →

EPA Declares Greenhouse Gases A Danger To Human Health

Companies often lament regulations that impact their business and tout free markets, but here’s a case of a company applauding tougher regulations that could boost the market for its products. Power Solutions International claims to be the world’s largest alternatively-fueled engine manufacturer and sees pending diesel emissions limits as an opportunity for on- and non-road… Keep reading →