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Drone Photography Raises Questions About Privacy And Safety

The energy industry continues to see a marked growth in the use of drones as they provide cost efficient and time-saving services.

dark matter

Fundamental scientific research lies at the heart of many energy-related breakthroughs that ultimately disrupt established social and economic systems. It can be overwhelming to look at the world’s looming energy and climate challenges, but Dr. Franklin (Lynn) Orr, Under Secretary for Science and Energy at the US Department of Energy remains optimistic despite the complexity… Keep reading →

Congress Struggles With Funding Repairs To U.S. Capitol Dome

Dr. Ellen Williams Confirmed as Director of ARPA-E WASHINGTON – Dr. Ellen Williams was confirmed by the United States Senate on Monday, December 8, 2014 as the Director of the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E). “ARPA-E is central to the Department’s advancement of energy technology innovation, and Ellen Williams will provide… Keep reading →

Ford Dearborn Truck Plant Builds New 2014 F-150 Trucks

The 2014 American Energy & Manufacturing Competitiveness (AEMC) Summit taking place in Washington DC next week couldn’t come at a more interesting time. News of increasing US manufacturing competiveness seems to be popping up all the time, boosted by the country’s energy production renaissance that has reduced feedstock costs for many manufacturers. This is rejuvenating… Keep reading →

Tiefensee Visits Rolls-Royce Aircraft Engine Plant

As energy technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, the distinction between pure-play energy companies and technology companies becomes increasingly blurred. Whether it’s drilling technology, energy storage, wind turbine advancement, increased solar panel efficiency or power plant design – just to name a few cutting-edge fields – companies commercializing these advanced energy systems are adding computer scientists and… Keep reading →


As the Energy Department’s Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Innovation Summit came to a close, energy leaders were challenged to take innovation to the next level. Innovation shouldn’t just be about inventing new technologies, it should also involve bringing ideas from the lab to the market. This message about the need to commercialize new energy technologies was… Keep reading →

Tampa Florida To Host Republican National Convention

Innovative or just silly? You decide. But clearly innovations in the energy space are penetrating mainstream thinking. The relationship between saving energy and saving money has advanced in recent years, with inventors focusing efforts on the next big (or super small) energy breakthrough. Check out the devices below and use the comment section to let… Keep reading →

Cameron Douglas Sentencing For Narcotics Possession While In Jail

The Northeast has joined Texas as a hotbed for energy lawyers, driven by our nation’s insatiable demand for energy and the lack of a coherent national energy policy. In addition, the industry is moving from a time-worn regulated monopoly model to free-market competition – complicated by climate change concerns on the one hand and the… Keep reading →

High Oil Prices Continue To Drive Gas Prices Steadily Upwards

By Erin Carson, Energy Solutions Forum Several New York Energy Week panels slated for June 25 will highlight the impact of the shale oil and gas revolution on economic growth and national energy security policy. Top officials from industry and government will hold multiple panels in New York to offer new insight into how the oil and gas boom could… Keep reading →

The US utility industry will look fundamentally different within the next forty years as a paradigm shift transforms the sector, the chief of one of the country’s largest energy providers said.

“We’re going to reinvent our business, we’re going to adopt new technologies,” said Jim Rogers, Duke Energy CEO. “When you look at our company four decades from now it will to look fundamentally different. Keep reading →

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