Energy Systems

Vocational School Prepares Students For Job Market

WHAT IS ENERGY LITERACY? Energy Literacy is an understanding of the nature and role of energy in the world and daily lives accompanied by the ability to apply this understanding to answer questions and solve problems. An energy-literate person: Can trace energy flows and think in terms of energy systems. Knows how much energy they… Keep reading →


In the future, when we look back on 2014, I believe it will be remembered as the tipping point for climate action. In the Northeast, we’ll remember the devastating early-season snowstorm that caused over a dozen deaths. In the Southwest, many will remember the third-straight year of a drought that seems without end. And, nationally, many… Keep reading →

Obama Nominates New Energy Secretary, New EPA Administrator

  Secretary Ernest Moniz has made improving project management a priority at the Energy Department. In August 2013, the Secretary established a special working group that includes project management experts from across the Department. Over the past year, this group’s in-depth analysis culminated in a new report, being released today. Titled Improving Project Management, the… Keep reading →


Designing and building a new house or renovating an existing house to be highly energy-efficient requires careful planning and attention to detail. A whole-house systems approach helps homeowners, architects, and builders develop successful strategies for optimizing home energy efficiency. This approach considers the house as an energy system with interdependent parts, each of which affects… Keep reading →

Holiday Travelers Experience Heavy Traffic And High Gas Prices

Energy efficiency can make as meaningful a contribution to energy market supply as fuels such as oil and coal, according to the International Energy Agency’s first-ever Energy Efficiency Market Report , released today. “We must change the way we think about energy efficiency. We need to start considering it a fuel, alongside oil, gas, coal or… Keep reading →