Energy Production

Domestic Oil And Gas Production

Every day Americans head off to work or play, use a cellphone or countless other consumer products made from petroleum, they should thank a refiner. U.S. refineries are the essential link between America’s ongoing renaissance in energy production and the actual benefits Americans enjoy from that production. Modern, sophisticated refineries that process all types of… Keep reading →

Graduation Day At HHL Business School

A new Thomson Reuters/BSD Consulting “Global 500 Greenhouse Gas Report: The Fossil Fuel Energy Sector” shows that energy companies emitted 31 per cent of total GHG emissions globally from their operations as well as the use of the products further down the value chain on an annual basis. As the title of this study indicates,… Keep reading →

Workers walk past giant wind turbine bla

Future can be far more efficient if we only adopted superior existing technology  Improving energy productivity – getting more output from each unit of energy input – has long been recognized as a sensible thing to do. A recent report by ECOFYS documents just how sensible it can be in driving economic growth, creating jobs… Keep reading →

New Zealand v Sri Lanka - 2nd Test: Day 4

The energy industry is a seemingly nonstop engine (or drill) of innovation, extracting oil and natural gas in specific locations – and by all manner of ways – once deemed impossible. But these advances below ground, no doubt a triumph of engineering and technology, may soon pale before the strides above ground: The aerial mastery of the… Keep reading →

Russian Gas Supplies Through Ukraine Turned Off

If there is one thing the energy industry can do to better itself, as winter approaches and storms rage along the California coast, and freezing temperatures hit the Gulf regions of Texas and Louisiana, and the ground hardens in the Midwest, it is this: Inspect and test, to ensure the safety of all exposed equipment.… Keep reading →


Speaking this morning at the American Energy and Manufacturing Competiveness Summit in Washington DC, US Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz extolled the numerous benefits precipitating from the country’s newfound energy wealth. One of the main messages he drove home to the audience is that increasing energy production along with energy efficiency growth are positively… Keep reading →

fermentation tanks

Agricultural and forestry waste like corn stover and lawn clippings can be used as a source of sustainable fuel to power vehicles of all types—even racecars and airplanes. This non-food biomass contains the raw materials and molecular compounds needed to create cellulosic ethanol, a fuel source that has the potential to slash carbon emissions by… Keep reading →

China Plans New Energy Strategy

China’s race to meet rapidly rising energy demand is driving a scramble to find experienced talent to staff its booming energy sector. China is among the world’s top ten producers of oil and gas, and is the world’s largest coal producer, according to BP’s latest Statistical Review of World Energy. And an Energy Information Administration… Keep reading →

opening ceremony 2

First principles are important. Rooting New York Energy Week in the priorities established by a community of volunteers, participants, sponsors and advisors paid off in the second iteration of the event series last month, with panels of exceptional insight, unusually impactful networking and deserved attention for an industry that too often flies under the radar in… Keep reading →

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

The 525,000 barrel per day pipeline designed to transport diluted bitumen from Northern Alberta’s oil sands development projects to the Pacific Coast in Kitimat, British Columbia received federal government approval after the markets closed yesterday. There are many hurdles yet to negotiate before Enbridge – the pipeline company proposing the project – can reach a… Keep reading →

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