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Hurricane Katrina Aftermath - Day 15

In 2008, EDF launched Climate Corps, an innovative graduate fellowship program committed to jump-starting investment in corporate energy efficiency. Now, after almost a decade of embedding over 700 fellows inside large organizations across all sectors—public, private and non-profit—we’ve taken a step back to survey the broader landscape. What did we find? Energy management today looks… Keep reading →

Markets Stabilise After Turbulence Last Week

With a projected 2015 loss, the demand response leader seeks growth in enterprise and utility software.  Over the next few years, EnerNOC wants to bring in as much money serving up enterprise efficiency and energy management software as it does in its traditional field of demand response. But that transition won’t come without some significant… Keep reading →

Utah Wind Farms Supply Energy To Southern California

Energy management can be complicated, and the projects organizations must tackle run the gamut: from small-scale lighting and HVAC upgrades to whole building retrofits; from baselining energy consumption to data analysis of enterprise-wide energy management systems; and from volunteer employee engagement programs to executive-level goal setting. So if you’re an energy manager, there’s no doubt… Keep reading →

A trader shows with a pen, a graph illus

Falling oil prices are bringing down prices of high-risk bonds many companies used to finance their capital intensive unconventional drilling programs. “Most of that decline has occurred in the last 30 days. It’s already making it harder for oil companies to reach out to the financial markets to fund more of their drilling operations, as… Keep reading →

Eagle, a single pole with branches reach

Rural electric utilities may serve a different type of customer base and may have different concerns and challenges from their much larger counterparts, but they share a common interest in improving and upgrading their services and offerings.  One of those concerns for rural utilities is they must provide and services and offerings to meet higher… Keep reading →

The West side of the US Capitol Building

The DOE has issued a final rule establishing standards for green building rating systems that provide certification for federal buildings. On October 10, 2014, the Department of Energy (DOE) issued a final rule establishing standards for green building certification systems to strengthen federal buildings’ energy management through enhanced energy use measurement and energy efficient design.… Keep reading →

Smart Technology Homes Being Built In South Korea

The Internet of Things (IoT) is propelling new services in energy management. Think of all the home appliances that are now connected or will be connected in the near future such as thermostats, refrigerators, and washers and dryers. In the IoT value chain, most organizations in the energy management sector are capitalizing on the connected… Keep reading →

The South West's First Solar Farm Is Connected

“This is not a pivot. It’s just another line of business.”  Skyline Innovations, the first U.S. company to offer third-party financing for solar hot water systems, is moving into a different line of business: energy brokerage. Earlier this month, the company changed its name to Nextility and announced that it would be offering energy management services to small businesses.… Keep reading →

2012 US Open - Day 11

Breaking Energy featured the Top 10 New York Energy Entrepreneurs back in June as part of an extremely popular top 10 series that ran during New York Energy Week. The entrepreneurs were chosen by their energy industry peers via an open nomination process that returned a robust list of candidates. Whittling the impressive list of… Keep reading →

New York Stock Exchange Debuts Renovated Trading Floor

On a global scale, excess energy consumption in retail businesses has an enormous impact on a company’s bottom line. As a result, an increasing number of retail chains are placing energy into the “strategic asset category.” Best-in-class organizations are proving that it is possible to cut costs and to increase revenues by proactively managing energy… Keep reading →

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