Energy Law

Tesla Motors Continues To Report Quarterly Losses, While Interest In Their Batteries Grow

The Act of 11 January 2018 on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels enters into force on 22 February this year.

2017’s Bad Guys In Energy

Ineos Chemical Brine Purification Plant

Once again we look back at the continuing cavalcade of crooks, criminals, miscreants and, to put it kindly, morons the less intellectually gifted, who met justice face-to-face in 2017.

Was It A Mineral Deed Or An Oil And Gas Lease?

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

In Richardson v. Mills, it was a deed when the instrument uses words like “forever” and imposes no duty to explore for and develop minerals.

Mass Water Pollution Incidents On Rise As China's Environment Deteriorates

If you needed any further proof that energy law is very complicated, Wednesday’s decision in North Dakota v. Heydinger should convince you.

Job Seekers  Meet With Recruiters At Job Fair

Trick or treat? It’s almost Halloween, and it looks like at least one law firm decided to forgo giving candy to its associates and force them to start turning tricks instead.


Economic And Environmental Impact Of Gulf Oil Spill Deepens

BP is preparing for a legal decision in January regarding the company’s penalty under the Clean Water Act for oil spilled as a result of the Macondo well blowout and tragic Deepwater Horizon accident that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico 2010. BP is seeking to cap the amount of the civil penalty at $12.3… Keep reading →

Democratic National Convention: Day 1

Breaking Energy readers: Do you have experience working with lawyers who specialize in energy industry sectors? Does your company have relationships with law firms known for their energy practices? We want to hear your opinions on the relative strengths and weaknesses of law firms with energy practices. Click here to access our brief survey and… Keep reading →

Tattersalls Auction

As we continue to bolster our energy industry coverage – layering voices from a variety of influential stakeholders on top of our original reporting – Breaking Energy now features “Law Firm Perspectives,” which include legally-focused analysis briefs from firms with leading energy practices. The feed is powered by JDSupra. A major component of our editorial strategy… Keep reading →

Kansas vs Oklahoma State

On Friday, we reported that a law dean resigned from his post because the university was not providing the law school enough resources. We mentioned that there were some rumblings that the university president was more concerned with making the law school a bastion for fringe political theories instead of simply providing a quality legal education. Our… Keep reading →

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