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Google To Buy Smart Thermostat Maker Nest For 3.2 Billion

During our first winter in this house, my husband and I realized we had a problem: the house was horribly, unbearably cold all the time. It didn’t matter how high we kept the thermostat. The temperature in the house stayed low, and our heating bills went up. I wrote all about our exodus last year.… Keep reading →

Surging Oil Industry Brings Opportunity To Rural California

  The president’s $10 per barrel oil tax proposal has been out for about a week now, and the analysis from a number of experts – both in terms of politics and economics – could be boiled down to the social media acronym “smh,” which stands for “shaking my head.” Political analysis first: “The president… Keep reading →

Heat Wave Brings Triple Digit Temperatures To Southern California

As we discussed in our January 22, 2016 post, Oncor (Texas’ largest electric utility) is the subject of an acquisition effort by Hunt Consolidated Inc. in a proceeding before the Public Utilities Commission of Texas.

The sun sets behind two under constructi

On December 31, 2014, when the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil dropped 50% from summer prices that year to just under $55.00 per barrel, experts predicted there would be a flurry of industry restructurings.

Construction Of New Homes Rises More Than Economists Predicted For March

Insulation in your home provides resistance to heat flow. The more heat flow resistance your insulation provides, the lower your heating and cooling costs. Properly insulating your home not only reduces heating and cooling costs, but also improves comfort. HOW INSULATION WORKS To understand how insulation works it helps to understand heat flow, which involves three… Keep reading →


The Investor Confidence Project (ICP), an EDF initiative designed to unlock investment in energy efficiency, is making progress toward completing a credentialing system that would provide third-party validation of an energy efficiency project. The latest development is the Project Developer Credential, the second of three in the ICP credentialing system. ICP is accelerating the development of… Keep reading →

Pre-Election PTC Extension Update

texas wind

With the election on Tuesday, the wind industry’s attention is particularly focused on the prospects for the extension of the production tax credit (PTC). There have been four interesting developments related to the extension of the PTC.

Clean Energy Conferences Roundup: November 2014

edf conference

Each month, the Energy Exchange rounds up a list of top clean energy conferences around the country. Our list includes conferences at which experts from the EDF Clean Energy Program will be speaking, plus additional events that we think our readers may benefit from marking on their calendars. Top clean energy conferences featuring EDF experts… Keep reading →