Concern Over Health Risk From Living Close To Plyons

German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) Sigmar Gabriel recently touted another step towards enhancing EU energy security via regional cooperation. The Minister and 11 of his colleagues from neighboring European countries signed a political declaration meant to ensure the reliable and secure supply of electricity among those countries. Dubbed “12 electrical neighbors”… Keep reading →

Two Political Lessons From Germany’s Energiewende

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange

As the recent midterm elections have thrust American politics to the media’s forefront, battles for political power are fresh in our minds. While Democrats and Republicans are not the contestants in governments outside of the U.S., struggle for power among groups whose ideals clash are the bedrock of political systems everywhere, including Germany, where politics… Keep reading →

Conditions Ripe Along Southern Andreas Fault For Major Quake, Study Finds

Using Germany as an example, this article investigates the changing utility business model in the face of rapidly expanding renewable energy sources and other trends that are eating into utility company bottom lines. “A reckoning is at hand, and nowhere is that clearer than in Germany. Even as the country sets records nearly every month… Keep reading →

Q-Cells Opens New Solar Energy Research Center

Records that would have been considered ambitious no longer are  On 1 June 2014, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) recorded a midday hourly peak of 4,767 MW of utility-generated solar electricity delivered into the California grid, a new record. That, however, does not include small-scale PVs on customer’s roofs – which are growing at… Keep reading →