It isn’t gold.

Weakening venture capital funding for one of the globe’s fastest-growing sectors isn’t a mystery for sector watchers, but with increasing adoption of disruptive monitoring technology, the market opportunity isn’t a matter of if, but when. Keep reading →

We’ll let you be the judge of which is which in today’s good, bad and ugly smart meter round up, which will fill you in on everything from the latest opt outs, roll outs and left outs – to sabotage and another conspiracy theory.

ROLL OUTS Keep reading →

One of the great debates in information technology is spilling over to the energy business as smart grid installations spread.

The Department of Energy and residents of the City of Idaho Falls are about to find themselves on the cutting edge of the debate as smart meters designed to be open to third-party developers are installed over the coming months. The city council approved the selection of Elster to design its smart grid system, allowing for automation of data collection from the city’s newly installed smart meters. Keep reading →