Electric Lighting

oil train

The crude oil tank cars that derailed in North Dakota earlier this week were carrying crude that had been treated to reduce volatility, although the tank cars themselves were older models that have been targeted for replacement. “Hess Corp. spokesman John Roper said the company’s oil complied with a state law that requires propane, butane… Keep reading →

Visitors At The Hay Festival 2011

Lighting “consumes about 19% of the world’s electric power, more than all nuclear and hydroelectric plants can produce together (which is about 15% in total),” according to Grant Feller of the World Economic Forum. With significant future projected power demand and over a billion people without proper access to electricity (see Breaking Energy ‘energy poverty’… Keep reading →

Construction Boom Continues In Singapore Despite Asia's Recent Downturn

Making energy efficiency sexy can be a challenge from a messaging standpoint, but it’s also an extremely effective greenhouse gas reduction tool that throws off considerable dividends in the form of reduced operating costs. And if efficiency is an easy carbon emission reduction method, then lighting is energy efficiency’s low-hanging fruit “because it’s the cheapest… Keep reading →

Popular Incandescent Bulbs Phasing Out In New Year

Energy consumers live in a time of rapid technology change, but if Digital Lumens has its way lighting consumers at least may rarely notice the adjustments except where they benefit. It would have been hard until recently to come up with a sector of industry less exciting for its world-changing possibilities than lighting. Major manufacturers… Keep reading →

British Gas Controversially Increases Its Energy Prices

Tesla and Edison are one of energy history’s great duos. Both have granted their names and legacies to companies and entire fields of study, employment and business. But unlike some more distant figures of the past, people are still arguing about which was more important and which more inventive. At a time when innovation is… Keep reading →