Britain's Prince Charles(6thR) walks in

A long-running dispute between Chevron and Ecuador appears to have reached its end after the Supreme Court declined to take up Ecuador’s question of whether United States courts had jurisdiction to confirm a $96 million arbitration award in favor of Chevron.

Chevron Argues In U.S. Court That 18 Billion Dollar Judgement In Ecuador Court Was Obtained Thru Bibery

As the courts continue to decipher myriad legal issues stemming from pollution that occurred decades ago in an Ecuadorian rainforest region, today Chevron won a decision that stated a previous multibillion dollar judgment had been obtained by fraud. The pollution occurred during oil development activities undertaken by Texaco and national oil company Petroecuador from the… Keep reading →

Mt. Rushmore Closed Due To Government Shutdown

The Center for Biological Diversity is accusing the Obama Administration of violating a 19th-century law by allowing oil and gas companies to continue drilling on public lands that are now closed to other visitors during the government shutdown. “Previously permitted oil and gas development on public lands isn’t affected by the shutdown.” [Fuel Fix] An… Keep reading →

Brazil's Controversial Belo Monte Dam Project To Displace Thousands in Amazon

“The world has failed us,” Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa recently said regarding a missed opportunity to preserve pristine Amazon rainforest from oil development. The government offered to forgo drilling in the oil-rich region if the international community donated $3.6 billion to a preservation trust fund. The initiative reportedly raised only $13 million. The proposal dates… Keep reading →

Newmarket Gallops

Law suits, countersuits, bribes, corruption and private investigators are all part of the battle between Chevron and lawyer Steve Donziger over Ecuadorian jungle contamination that dates back decades. Donziger currently faces a major suit brought by the oil giant. “As I take the long view, it’s Chevron that faces the risk, not Steven Donziger.” [New… Keep reading →