Eastern Mediterranean

Tamar, The Natural Gas Production Platform Off The Israeli Coast, Is To Begin It's Natural Gas Production

Developing the abundant natural gas resources discovered offshore Israel is a complicated endeavor that involves considerable geopolitical diplomacy in addition to the traditional commercial details that must be worked out when building multi-billion dollar energy projects. “Natural gas is both a geopolitical tool and a target in Israel, where a newfound bonanza of resources has… Keep reading →

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meets Woodside CEO Peter Coleman

Woodside’s decision shows how Israel will need to cement its foreign partnerships, investments, and export routes in order to take full advantage of its growing gas surplus. On May 20, Woodside Petroleum, Australia’s second biggest oil and natural gas producer, announced that it was ending its longstanding bid to acquire a stake in Israel’s Leviathan… Keep reading →


It appears Gazprom and CNPC reached an agreement on a widely-speculated deal that was expected to be consummated upon Putin’s China visit this week. Reuters is reporting a sales and purchase agreement was struck, but the New York Times reports it could just be a memorandum of understanding, which is not binding and indicates ongoing… Keep reading →

Israeli Navy Holds Training Exercise

In a story rife with geopolitical implications, reports indicate the consortium developing Israel’s Leviathan gas field – which includes US-based Noble Energy – could be close to signing supply deals with Turkey and Egypt instead of sending to gas to Greece and/or Cyprus as previously planned. In an ironic reversal of fortune, Israeli gas could… Keep reading →