Dynegy, which saw one of its major subsidiaries file for bankruptcy earlier this month, reported a much wider third-quarter loss, as weak prices and lower demand continued to cripple operations. The company was impacted by lower generation for both the coal and gas segments during the period as well as lower realized prices and spark spreads. Dynegy ran on reduced capacity during the quarter and saw its revenue slide with fewer hedging opportunities. Dynegy’s major subsidiary, Dynegy Holdings, and four of its other subsidiaries, including Dynegy Northeast Generation, Hudson Power, Dynegy Danskammer and Dynegy Roseton, all filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week. This article is a linkout to read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2011/11/14/dynegy-3q-loss-deepens-on-softer-prices-gas-generation/?cmpid=partner_aol#ixzz1di61bPbr

All hopes have been dashed that a settlement to the debt crisis, which plagued American politics and global markets through the final weeks of July, would result in smooth sailing through August.

Prices for energy commodities were whipsawed amid wild volatility as indicators for the broader economy showed signs of weakening even as Congress finally signed a debt deal. Oil prices, so often a proxy for the broader energy sector, fell sharply on August 8. Keep reading →

One of the country’s most troubled energy firms has reorganized itself and simplified its borrowing structure in a bid for survival.

The entire board of electricity producer Dynegy resigned earlier this year, along with much of the senior executive leadership, leaving the once high-flying firm adrift just ahead of the summer peak-generation season. With new management in place for the past month, and a new board of directors sworn in on June 15, the company’s second-quarter results were met with more curiosity than ire by investors and analysts accustomed to extreme volatility in the company’s outlook. Keep reading →