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Leibstadt nuclear power plant is seen on

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station to see first hand the significant progress that is being made by TEPCO and the dedicated workers at the Fukushima site cleanup and to gain a better understanding of the challenges that remain. Japan is a close ally and we are committed… Keep reading →


WASHINGTON—Building on the President’s all-of-the-above energy strategy and efforts to expand clean energy innovation, the Department of Energy today awarded more than $5 million to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing nuclear engineering degrees and other nuclear science and engineering programs relevant to nuclear energy. The awards include 59 undergraduate scholarships and 32 graduate-level fellowships for… Keep reading →


    Over the weekend, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall landed in China to lead a presidential trade mission focused on connecting U.S. businesses with opportunities in the green infrastructure and energy efficiency industries. This trade mission will promote “smart cities,” including technologies for green buildings, carbon capture,… Keep reading →


  When it comes to saving energy at home, there are many low-cost and even no-cost options to keep your energy bill low. But what if you’re ready to take a bigger step? If you’ve successfully addressed the low-hanging fruit – like performing energy audits, installing programmable thermostats, and sealing air leaks – it may… Keep reading →


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are honoring 128 businesses and organizations in 33 states with the Energy Star’s Partner of the Year award for their commitment to saving energy and protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency achievements.  Awardees are helping families save money by saving energy… Keep reading →

Trucks with TRU waste

Thirty years ago, our world looked very different. The Berlin Wall still divided Germany. The United States was still embroiled in a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union. In 1985, a decision was made to “co-mingle” defense waste from weapons production and civilian nuclear waste from energy production — to dispose of them in… Keep reading →

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  Dr. Barbara Kutchko, who works at the Pittsburgh facility of the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), was brought in as an expert by the Department of Justice after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. Recognizing a knowledge gap in what we know about foam cement, which is frequently used to support underwater… Keep reading →

Reading, Pennsylvania Struggles To Overcome Vast Swaths Of Poverty

It’s an exciting time for clean energy manufacturing in America. Renewable energy technologies are becoming increasingly cost-competitive and demand is growing rapidly. Our domestic energy boom has lowered utility bills for families and businesses across the country. And advances in energy productivity have made U.S manufacturers more globally competitive than ever. Two years ago, the… Keep reading →


It’s Women’s History Month on Energy.gov. During the month of March we’re highlighting the great contributions to science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM fields made by women throughout history, as well as taking a look at fascinating work that women are doing in STEM fields today. Emmy Noether was a groundbreaking German mathematician who… Keep reading →

Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing For Ernest Moniz For Energy Secretary

“We warmly welcome the announcement by the Government of Mexico on new greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. The commitment Mexico has made today sends a strong signal of Mexico’s determination to do its share in helping the world reduce emissions globally; it stands as an example for countries around the world to follow as they… Keep reading →

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