The Battle for FERC and the Future of Energy Security

Government Shutdown Continues Into Weekend

The failed nomination of Ron Binz to be the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which was formalized with his withdrawal from consideration last month, was unprecedented in Washington. The role of FERC has never been the subject of public of political interest – and I’d argue that few people (in Congress or otherwise)… Keep reading →

The Future of Solar: Sink or Securitize

Solar Power Tower To Produce Enough Energy For 180,000 Homes

The energy finance community has been eagerly anticipating the introduction of solar asset-backed securities – “solar securitization,”  – for at least three years, and may be waiting for another year or more. But sooner or later, securitization is coming to solar finance, and when it does, it will have a profound impact on the pace… Keep reading →

Electricity Prices To Rise Due To Renewable Energy Investments

The following is an excerpt from an Energy Solutions Forum Industry Brief. Many renewable energy supporters tout the claim that cheap natural gas prices will delay deployment of renewable energy technologies. However, this is contrary to reality, and investors and policymakers have clear market-based incentives to invest simultaneously in both natural gas generation and renewables.… Keep reading →