Solar Power Tariff Incentive Spurns Boom In Gainsville Solar Industry

  We could all learn to get along without cell phones. And many of us are already learning to get along without cable TV. But civilization as we know it could not get along without electricity, which makes the electric industry – the generation, transmission and delivery of power – one of our most vital,… Keep reading →


Thousands of clean energy conferences are held every year across the United States. A quick Google search revealed over 1.5 million results for 2014 alone. That’s why, starting this month, in an effort to save our readers time, the Energy Exchange will be endeavoring to round up a monthly list of some of the top… Keep reading →

Space Station Crew Captures Image Of London At Night

Only six years ago humanity crossed a remarkable threshold: more than half of us live in cities for the first time in history. According to United Nations statistic, fifty years ago it was 30% and a century ago it was 10%. Urbanization as the central framework for human experience and work has been driven by… Keep reading →

National Grid Announces Controversial New Power Line Route

Ben Franklin famously said, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”  This saying certainly holds true for smart grid deployment plans, which can cost utilities several hundred million dollars. Given these high stakes, good planning is essential. Many utilities have installed smart grids. Currently, 25% of U.S. electricity customers have smart meters, a key component of… Keep reading →

Sydney Celebrates With Fireworks On New Year's Eve

It’s that time of year when people look back at their behavior of the past year and wonder what they can change in the coming months. They set goals and try to put in place new practices as part of their New Year’s Resolutions. The energy industry has had a busy, transformative decade. Technology innovation… Keep reading →

Daily Life In Cotonou

In a departure from the large-scale infrastructure proposals that dominate international development politics, a thinktank, Fuel Freedom Foundation, funded by tech entrepreneurs Joseph Hollander and Eyal Aronoff proposes smaller scale investments to leverage local fuel availability, although early models rely on numbers from developed economies. The UN Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All campaign and… Keep reading →

California Continues To Lead U.S. In Green Technology

CPUC has proposed policies and mechanisms for its landmark energy storage procurement program that sets a 1,325 MW energy storage mandate.   On September 3, 2013, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a proposed decision detailing policies and mechanisms for its energy storage procurement program established under the 2010 Assembly Bill 2514, the first… Keep reading →

Coal Remains Main Source Of German Energy Supply

Dear State Public Utility Commission Chairmen and Chairwomen, Risk management isn’t a new concept for any of the utility companies you regulate, nor I’m sure, is it new for you and your team.  When large storms or fires cause power outages, you monitor how quickly electric utilities return service to customers. When proposals for new… Keep reading →

Sounding Sand Desert In Inner Mongolia

China’s power market will more than double in size by 2030, with more than half of expected additions to come from renewables, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “China’s power sector could attract investment as high as US$159 billion per year, with around half going to renewables…As a result of a cleaner energy mix, the… Keep reading →

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid S/S 2013 - Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Think of an industry dominated by huge, established firms reliant on distribution models that have been in place for more than a century. Or one where customers pay a premium for the reliability assured by known brands despite little difference in delivered product. Or one where financing huge upfront costs depends on both that premium… Keep reading →

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