Distributed Generation

Albanian power utility workers repair th

The electric utility industry is experiencing significant changes affecting virtually every part of the traditional utility business model, including the regulatory and ratemaking aspects. As utilities grapple with these issues, four key regulatory practices that utilities are seeking have emerged. According to Black & Veatch’s 2015 Strategic Directions: U.S. Electric Industry report, the top rate… Keep reading →

British Government Signs A Deal For New Nuclear Power Plant

U.S. electric utilities are increasingly confident that distributed generation – that is, power assets with a capacity less than 20 megawatts – will grow significantly from today’s current levels. Furthermore, while many utilities see distributed generation as a potential threat to their business, they are quite open to considering investments in that space and related… Keep reading →

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath - Day 20

Utilities that are considering new large infrastructure projects should carefully evaluate whether to put the bid out for a lump sum contract, or whether they want to use an open book arrangement. Both methods have their advantages, depending on the owner’s circumstances, and matching the best style for the given project can make a major… Keep reading →

California Faces Continued Energy Woes

As can be gleaned from recent reports in the popular and trade press, activity is swirling around energy storage systems, highlighted by Tesla’s April 30 announcement of its “Powerwall” residential energy backup system. “The development of economic, reliable energy storage systems is the missing link in the deployment of renewable energy, and in particular solar… Keep reading →

Debate Continues into Future of UK Energy Generation

Earlier this month marked the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) annual convention, which was held this year in New Orleans and hosted 800 utility executives from June 7-10. The 2015 convention was an unusual one. In the past, the electrical utility industry has not always been especially interested in discussing alternative forms of energy. This year’s… Keep reading →

NYC City Council Bill Aims To Reduce Energy Usage By Limiting Lighting Of Empty Buildings At Night

New York Energy Week is kicking off its third year next month! The energy industry event series has quickly become a must-attend gathering for businesses, government leaders, financial players, legal professionals, members of the environmental community and citizens interested in the exciting ways energy production, transportation and consumption are evolving. New York Energy Week’s mission is… Keep reading →


Breaking Energy is hosting our first “Energy Startup Forum and Mixer,” which brings together clean energy industry experts, editors and members of the finance and legal communities to speak frankly about the energy startup space, New York’s clean energy landscape and to answer attendees’ questions about the industry. We love the one-on-one time with panelists,… Keep reading →

How Microgrids Work

NREL Microgrid testing

WHAT IS A MICROGRID? A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously. HOW DOES A MICROGRID WORK? To understand how a microgrid works, you first have to understand how the grid works. The grid connects homes, businesses and other buildings to… Keep reading →

DIRECTV CBC Solar Groundbreaking Event With Solar City

  US solar giant SolarCity today announced the launch of a microgrid product with built in energy storage capability. SolarCity is going after the commercial market, targeting municipalities, which is a segment the company views as underserved. Extreme weather events have been increasingly disruptive for municipalities in recent years. See Hurricane Sandy as an example.… Keep reading →


Electric utility company business model which took off in 1880s with the first power station in lower Manhattan providing electricity to 59 customers has not much changed since. This is indeed unique as very few other businesses have shown strong resistance to change. Over the last few years though, the electric industry is witnessing certain… Keep reading →

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