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Sen. Harry Reid Embarks On Bus Tour Throughout His Home State Nevada

DG Energy Partners’ new project valuation model, which lets developers conduct their own first-run economic analysis, is the latest in a suite of products designed to bridge the gap between solar projects and the financing they need to move forward. The model, currently in its beta, or first version, is a web-based interface that gives… Keep reading →

This week the solar world descends on Orlando, Florida for the 2012 Solar Power International (SPI) conference.

For three days, an estimated 25,000 solar industry professionals will promote their products, make connections, and learn from their colleagues about the latest thinking and design. This year, more than any other, the theme of this conference will be project finance; how deals are getting done and who is doing them are the largest questions facing the industry in the post-1603 cash grant world. Keep reading →

Each month we see dozens of solar projects; most of them will never get financed. Quite simply, the economics do not support the deal. For promising projects, we perform a detailed viability analyses but in most cases this is not necessary; it does not take much to spot an un-financeable solar project. Why then do they keep coming?

The lack of knowledge regarding a project’s financial viability is not only widespread in the solar community, but it is costing the industry terrific amounts of time and lost opportunities as projects are pursued (sometimes for months) before a check on project economics points out their unsuitability. Keep reading →

As the number of US solar installations soars, installers and developers are seeking opportunities to provide the clean power to institutional clients at rates that will attract financing, supply electricity at below retail rates, and still make a profit.

But with an array of incentives that vary from state to state, it’s not always easy for players to know how much a system needs to cost and still be financially viable. Keep reading →