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The Environmental Protection Agency’s fuel economy measurement system fails to factor in several metrics that could shed light on the fuel efficiency of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, according to Mike Duoba, Vehicle Systems Research Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory. The EPA bears responsibility for generating information on vehicle fuel economy for all new cars… Keep reading →

Bloom Energy Touts Breakthrough In Affordable Energy Technology

A proposed Bloom Box fuel cell project falls apart because of financing. News on Bloom Energy continues to roll in. Last week we reported on the $130 million round of funding for Bloom, the decade-old fuel cell firm that has drawn down more than $1.1 billion in venture capital funding. (Also see last month’s detailed update on the fuel cell industry.)… Keep reading →

A natural gas compressor station in southern Pennsylvania exploded overnight Thursday, prompting the evacuation of about 150 people and raising concerns about safety amid the shale-gas boom that is spreading throughout the state.

A local resident reported a “loud noise” at the Artemas Compressor Station in Mann Township, Bedford County, at about 12:30 a.m., according to Shawn Trahan, a spokeswoman for Houston-based Columbia Gas Transmission, part of NiSource, which operates the station. Keep reading →