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FILE PHOTO: JP Morgan Chase Posts 36 Percent Increase In Q2 ProfitsBear Stearns

Could more energy market manipulation fines be in JP Morgan’s future? “The Justice Department is launching an investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase manipulated energy markets just weeks after the bank settled similar allegations with federal regulators”. [The Hill] An Oregon Department of Justice investigation of an energy contract awarded to a close associate of the… Keep reading →

McConnell And GOP Leaders Discuss Democrats' Health Care Reform Proposal

You’d be forgiven for ignoring the latest round of crisis manufacturing underway in Washington, DC; the current set of politicians in power, like oversized kindergarteners with cable news spots, seem able to operate only by continually threatening to close the government down and walk away. The markets and the citizenry have seen so many rounds… Keep reading →

A dealer counts the dollar banknotes as

Total has agreed to pay more than $398 million to settle Securities Exchange Commission and Department of Justice charges for violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Total will pay the SEC $153 million and the DOJ $245.2 million related to charges that the French oil major paid $60 million in bribes related to the… Keep reading →