Germany Expands Its Electricity Grid

In its draft 2017 GHG inventory, published this week, the EPA estimates methane emissions from the oil and gas industry were lower than their previous estimate in the 2016 inventory. The vast majority of the decrease comes from methodological changes in how EPA does these estimates and does not represent actual reductions from improved industry… Keep reading →

Climate Protection - Photo Illustrations

In 1972, Christopher Stone, a Harvard law professor, proposed the thoughtful rationale “Should Trees Have Standing?” to explore the topic of potential rights of nature from a legal perspective. He opined that rivers and trees and other “objects” of nature have rights and that these should be protected by granting legal standing to guardians of… Keep reading →

Apple Reports Quarterly Earnings

Following a global push to power all its facilities with green energy, the iPhone maker’s first retail store in Singapore will run entirely on solar energy. [CNET] Coal power plants are not the solution to help billions of people without electricity or clean cooking facilities, aid agencies have warned. [The Guardian] A new study in… Keep reading →

Brazil's Controversial Belo Monte Dam Project To Displace Thousands in Amazon

Scientists analyzing satellite data have found the world’s vegetation has expanded despite deforestation in some regions. The results were published Monday in the journal, Nature Climate Change. Nearly 4 billion tons of carbon have been added to plants above ground since 2003. Most of the growth has resulted from tree-planting programs in China, forest regrowth… Keep reading →

Amish Farmer Tends His Land In New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

There are common arguments among those who are skeptical of the potential of renewable energy – they are too expensive, certain forms require more energy than they produce, they are a drain on public finances, etc. Bjørn Lomborg, adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School and Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, has made a point… Keep reading →