Tamar, The Natural Gas Production Platform Off The Israeli Coast, Is To Begin It's Natural Gas Production

President Anastasiades will likely use this week’s summit to build momentum toward the development of offshore gas reserves, with Iran and other issues making the agenda well. On July 28, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu will visit Cyprus for discussions concentrating on natural gas, among other key topics such as Iran, counterterrorism, and the Palestinian… Keep reading →

Israeli Navy Holds Training Exercise

In a story rife with geopolitical implications, reports indicate the consortium developing Israel’s Leviathan gas field – which includes US-based Noble Energy – could be close to signing supply deals with Turkey and Egypt instead of sending to gas to Greece and/or Cyprus as previously planned. In an ironic reversal of fortune, Israeli gas could… Keep reading →

Azerbaijan Oil Industry

In this report published by the German Marshall Fund, Washington Institute fellow Simon Henderson discusses ways of surmounting the challenges Israel and Cyprus face as they seek to develop newfound oil and gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. [The Washington Institute for Near East Policy] A bit further to the northeast, the Caspian Sea… Keep reading →

Chevron Announces 7.2 Billion Dollar Quarterly Profit

Spanish oil company Repsol and Argentina’s YPF are working through a bitter breakup in which the former is suing the Argentine government for $10.5 billion. Now Chevron is working with YPF to develop shale assets, much to Repsol’s chagrin. “It is scandalous that Chevron is acting in a way contrary to the law and to… Keep reading →

Despite progress, US infrastructure continues to get a near-failing grade from the nation’s engineers, the Keystone debate drags on, climate change policy is back in the headlines and Europeans contending with Cyprus’ financial meltdown are wondering if oil and gas development could help resolve some of the island nation’s issues.

The American Society of Civil Engineers releases its 2013 Report Card for America’s infrastructure today, and the country’s parents wouldn’t exactly be enthusiastic. From deficient bridges to power outages and ever-growing traffic, the country’s score only “inched up” to a D plus, the group says. Find out more here. Keep reading →

As nations continue to wrangle over the control, development and transportation of Caspian basin oil and gas resources, recent new discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea have raised the potential conflict level between governments, corporations and other relevant parties. But the discovery of what appear to be substantial natural gas deposits, also presents great opportunity.

“There was some concern a number of months ago about these gas finds off the southern coast of Cyprus… now the US would have to have more of a naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean in order to de-conflict these forces..,” Steven A. Cook, Council on Foreign Relations’ Hasib J. Sabbagh Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies told journalists at a recent roundtable for select media. Keep reading →