Status Of Key U.S. Sanction Programs

Congress Struggles With Funding Repairs To U.S. Capitol Dome

Recently, many revisions to U.S. sanction programs have been the topic of much public discussion.

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Barack Obama has criticized US political and business figures who oppose the expansion of wind and solar power in a speech where he singled out the influential Koch brothers for criticism. [The Guardian] A new study has revealed experts may have been overestimating China’s levels of carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 10%, according… Keep reading →

Venezuelans Loyal To Former President Hugo Chavez Mark One Year Anniversary Of His Death

  Times are changing and Opec is not what it once was in terms of oil price influence, but it’s too soon to completely dismiss the producer group that collectively controls such a large share of the world’s oil production, reserves, exports and thus supply. In this article, a Saudi diplomat argues his country “gets… Keep reading →

ISU Speed Skating Championships Day 2

Scientists at Lehigh University are proposing modeling wind turbine blades on owls’ wings to mimic their stealth properties. “If the noise-reduction mechanism of the owl down can be established, there may be far-reaching implications to the design of novel sound-absorbing liners, the use of flexible roughness to affect trailing-edge noise and vibrations for aircraft and wind… Keep reading →

US oil companies would be hobbled in their response to an oil spill from wells off the cost of Cuba, a Senate committee heard this week.

If there’s an oil spill from wells being drilled off the Cuban coast, US companies have sophisticated response equipment just 100 miles away – but couldn’t use it due to long-standing sanctions against Cuba. Keep reading →