Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

Is It Time for the U.S. to Lift Its Restrictions on Oil Exports?  Wall Street Journal (Jason Bordoff): It’s a whole new oil world for the U.S. After decades of declining domestic oil production, the country is in the middle of an unexpected boom. Driven by new technology that reaches previously inaccessible reserves, production has soared… Keep reading →

Japan Prepares To Mark One Year Anniversary Of Earthquake And Tsunami

The operator of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant has warned that makeshift tanks – which are vulnerable to leaks – hold more than 200,000 tons of radioactive water. “The latest disclosures add to a long list of recent accidents, leaks and breakdowns that have underscored grave vulnerabilities at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant site more… Keep reading →

Many Feared Dead As Egyptian Security Forces Clear Cairo Protest Camps

The price of West Texas Intermediate crude had risen for five consecutive days as of yesterday afternoon – “the longest stretch of gains since April” – on news of escalating unrest in Egypt, as Brent hit a four-month high. A police crackdown on protests in Egypt has left more than 500 dead. [Bloomberg] Iran has… Keep reading →

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Falling crude oil output in Alaska is complicating operation of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System from the North Slope to Valdez, and the high costs facing producers is the biggest challenge to reversing the trend, according to Tom Barrett, US Coast Guard Admiral (Ret.) and President of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. The 800-mile TAPS pipeline “was brilliantly… Keep reading →