COP 21

World Leaders Speak At UN Climate Summit

On 12 December 2015, nearly 200 countries reached an agreement that many have described as a historic turning point for global cooperation in addressing climate change.

Energy Secretary Moniz Delivers Address On Energy Supply And Exports

WASHINGTON – U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced $125 million across 41 cutting-edge energy technologies awarded by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). These new projects are funded under ARPA-E’s OPEN 2015 program and come in advance of the COP21 U.N. Climate Negotiations in Paris next week. The announcement was… Keep reading →

Boom Goes Bust: Texas Oil Industry Hurt By Plunging Oil Prices

The impending end to the four-decade long Crude Oil Export Ban took on another layer of inevitability last week when the proposal passed through the House’s Energy and Commerce subcommittee on energy and power. These significant victories for supporters of lifting the ban bring the vote closer to the House floor where it will presumably… Keep reading →

New EPA Regulation To Cut Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants In US

As the world marches toward December’s United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP21) Paris climate summit, governments are determining what effort they will make to reduce emissions and address climate change. Countries are in the midst of implementing commitments through 2020, and they are now turning their attention to preparing what they will commit to… Keep reading →

Energy Secretary Moniz Delivers Address On Energy Supply And Exports

In comments at the ARPA-E Summit on Wednesday, US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz said the following with regard to climate change: “The announcement in October in Beijing [on carbon emissions] six months ago has changed the discussion in many ways and in many places. We see it in lots of other discussions we are… Keep reading →

China Daily Life - Pollution

In this “energy things to watch for in 2015” article, the author sums up the Lima climate talks with the following mostly pessimistic description and does not expect much more to come out of the COP21 talks in Paris next year: “It would take a lot for the Paris talks to be anything more than what Lima… Keep reading →

Typhoon Haitang Headed For Taiwan

Again and again, severe weather events wreak havoc around the globe and thus tend to dominate international newspaper headlines. No continent has been spared with the strongest storms swirling both in the Pacific and Atlantic basins, in addition to extreme droughts and massive floods geographically well diversified. Knock-on effects seem straightforward and include spread of… Keep reading →

Coal Mine Expansion Threatens Villages

Many of the largest US pension fund managers gathered at the United Nations last week to discuss the risks and opportunities climate change poses to their investment portfolios. Institutional investment fund managers, like those in charge of pension resources, are in the difficult position of finding opportunities that provide returns needed to support beneficiaries for… Keep reading →