The energy industry – oil & gas sector in particular – is bracing itself for a massive wave of retirements over the short to medium term, which has been dubbed “The Great Shift Change” As the industry prepares for this turnover, companies are looking to the next generation of candidates with skills ranging from finance,… Keep reading →

High energy prices have unleashed a wave of energy innovation around the world, says GE Energy Financial Services Managing Director of Venture Capital Kevin Skillern on this video.

Shot by GE for its Ecomagination series on people, profits and the planet, this video features a recent GE partnership with electric company NRG Energy and oil and gas giant ConocoPhillips to establish a $300 million fund that is currently investing in 30 emerging energy firms. The firm takes a heterodox approach to investing, taking positions in firms across the sector and focusing on the prospects for scaling and transforming the energy business on a global scale. Keep reading →