Commodity Futures Trading Commission

CFTC Brings Energy Market Insider Trading Case, Announces Insider Trading Task Force

Markets Stabilise After Turbulence Last Week

The CFTC has filed a new “insider trading” enforcement action involving the energy markets

The sun sets behind two under constructi

  Cairn Energy, the oil and gas explorer, has reported a second oil discovery off the coast of Senegal in West Africa. “The Edinburgh-based company described the find as “significant”, adding that the oil was of high quality. The discovery was made at its SNE-1 well in the Sangomar Deep block about 100km (62 miles)… Keep reading →

Price Of Oil Rises As Iran Possibly Halts Exports To Some EU Countries

Scott O’Malia, a member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, said in a recent speech that the commission lacks the technology necessary to effectively track communications between traders and futures exchanges operated by CME Group Inc. and IntercontinentalExchange Group Inc., where a bulk of the world’s oil and natural gas contracts are bought and sold.… Keep reading →

FERC, CFTC Agreement Finally Inked

CFTC And SEC Heads Testify Before Senate Appropriations Committee

The recent memoranda of understanding (“MOUs”) entered between the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (”CFTC”) made significant progress towards alleviating the long-time tension between the two agencies. On January 2, 2014, the FERC and the CFTC signed two MOUs on jurisdiction (“Jurisdiction MOU”) and information sharing (“Information Sharing MOU”)… Keep reading →

Animal Sanctuary Rescues And Shelters Abused And Abandoned Wildlife

Hedge funds are pulling out of bets that crude oil prices will rise in the short to medium term. With the market currently well supplied, investors are increasingly taking futures and options positions that could be profitable if oil prices decline further. “Money managers cut net-long positions, or wagers on rising prices, for benchmark West… Keep reading →

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath - Day 20

No doubt the Energy and Utilities industry has witnessed increasing complexity and significant challenges in recent years, centering around compliance issues, competitive pricing pressures, and business continuity. These issues, amongst others, will remain the focus for Board and Management’s corporate strategy and 2014 planning meetings around the world. Looking back on year 2013, and ahead… Keep reading →

Price Of Oil Rises As Iran Possibly Halts Exports To Some EU Countries

A government shutdown that lasts only a few weeks should have limited impact on the operations of oil and gas companies, such as drilling, plant construction, and other ongoing operations. A longer-term shutdown could be more debilitating, delaying progress on regulatory requirements, such as new permits, or environmental impact studies. Short-term impacts could be much… Keep reading →


A switch to electronic trading of company shares in the 1980s was part of a technology-led ‘Big Bang’ that transformed market activity, prompting both spectacular growth and innovation in the sector but also laying the groundwork for unprecedented complexity across all kinds of markets, including energy commodities. Compliance, that absolutely necessary but often despised activity,… Keep reading →

Stocks Slide On Credit-Rating Firms' Warnings About Euro Zone

Oil companies love to say that their ownership is the average American retiree, and utilities can often claim the same. Look at your retirement account or, should you be so lucky as to have one, your company’s pension plan. Odds are that it is heavily invested in the US energy sector. Shifts in the parameters… Keep reading →

Oil Prices Continue To Fall As Opec Decides To Cut Production

One of the most frightening scenes from the financial crisis unfolded in the staid environs of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Washington offices, where the regulators charged with monitoring derivatives trade gathered together the heads of commodity trading from recently shamed Wall Street giants like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The CFTC was a comparatively… Keep reading →

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