New York Leads The Nation In Early Deaths Caused By Diesel Exhaust

Why natural gas is the right alternative for the dirty heating oil phase out  The coming end to the use of No. 6 heating oil is an important positive step forward for improving the air quality of New York City. Of course, for building owners, making the transition poses significant challenges since about 30 percent… Keep reading →


Here we go again. Last week it was a wind turbine without a turbine that won the Internet. This week, a solar bike path in the Netherlands – a fun extravagance that has no hope of making a meaningful difference in anyone’s energy future – is drawing massive attention. What will it be next week? I predict… Keep reading →

Wincono Wind Farm In Larnaca Cyprus

High-voltage transmission lines are needed to meet evolving energy needs. Engineers estimate that seven billion dollars of investment is required to properly maintain and update the electric grid. But building lines isn’t easy. Developers will need to acquire thousands of acres of land from landowners across the country. Typically developers attempt to purchase easements through… Keep reading →

Solar Energy Is Focus Of Energy-Producing Housing Colony

Prices of solar cells and solar panels have fallen dramatically over the last few years. This (and state subsidies) has been good for the advancement of this amazing renewable energy source, and solar energy can today be seen as an established energy source, reliable and well distributed, cost competitive with traditional non-renewable energy sources and… Keep reading →

Powerlines can be seen next to the forme

For many years, the recipe for a successful and bankable investment in the power generation space called for one main ingredient; the long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The PPA was, and still is in many cases, the primary factor determining the bankability and feasibility of a project. However, in most of the deregulated US power… Keep reading →

oil tanker and storage

The Department of Energy recently approved an application from Alaska LNG to export natural gas. But there’s a catch: these exports can only go to nations where the United States has a free-trade agreement in place. Never mind the fact that the top markets for LNG are India, China, and Japan, where we don’t have… Keep reading →

Queens Blackout Enters 7th Day

New York can begin to catalyze the transformation of its electric utilities by putting the right incentives in place for utilities to perform some of the duties envisioned for its distributed system platforms of the future. In a February order, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) released the first major decision of its… Keep reading →

5.8 Earthquake Centered In Mineral, Virginia

President Obama recently announced his support of nuclear power plants smaller than 300 megawatts in size (known as small modular reactors or “SMR”s), as a clean energy source by way of an executive order. This was a good start. However, it is my view that the President’s endorsement for nuclear energy didn’t go nearly far… Keep reading →

Federal Reserve Announces Interest Rate Decision

The Middle East would have had a different shape today, if the US dollar were never pegged to oil trading. The ‘Petrodollar’ was born out of a US-Saudi agreement where oil sales would be denominated in dollars in return for US protection. Being established on a geopolitical infrastructure, the petrodollar has developed dimensions of security,… Keep reading →


The energy industry is increasingly a mobile (not Mobil, pun intended) enterprise, where foremen, floor-hands, roughnecks and drillers use smartphones and tablets throughout the workday. These devices contain vital information – including confidential data – about everything from codes to operate heavy machinery and geological studies about untapped reservoirs of natural gas and oil to intellectual property about a… Keep reading →

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